We are a small kennel situated in Essex.
Our interest in American Cockers began in 1976 in South Africa where we acquired our first breeding pair. The love of this breed continued from then on. Along with our Toy poodles, we showed at Championship level, and did very well there.
After a 20 year break from the dog world to raise a family, we have returned to the breed here in the UK.

We enjoy showing, but our dogs are gundogs first, show dogs second, and we encourage their natural instincts to point, flush and retrieve, working with them at every opportunity. They are very busy, taking part in obedience classes, ringcraft, and agility. As well as their daily exercise routine, they do 3 mile or so power walks or runs with us through woods and fields about 3 times a week.

Their schedules are quite hectic at times, therefore litters are only reared when we are looking for a new member of our family to continue lines, taking into consideration breed confirmation, good steady temperaments and related health issues. Fit for purpose is first and foremost to us, and we are very interested in this lovely breed, earning its rightful place in the gundog group, as a breed that will work all day in the field if asked to. This intelligent breed will quite easily adapt to obedience work, and really enjoy agility and jumping classes. We have also trained ours to “sniff out” and search items, using their natural abilities.

I actually watched one of our Yankees, rummaging through bushes, flushing out some birds alongside a neighbours Springer spaniel, with her tail wagging and nose to the ground.

And from a distance, apart from the obvious differences in height, colour and coat, you would have thought they were the same breed. Our dogs are not ornaments, kept in cages for fear of damaging their coats, but are hardy and free running, eager to work and train.

Our Aims

At Sabisabi we are keen to produce dual purpose American Cockers, getting back to the basics, breeding dogs truly "Fit for Function" and free from exaggerations that make them only fit for running round a show ring. Apart from all the other activities our dogs take part in, we now have 3 being gundog trained and the father of one of our girls will be joining them soon, with his owner. We will be looking to establish a good working line from these, proving that American Cockers deserve their place in the Gundog group. Our motto is - We can work-- we will work-- we do work.

Denise, Faye and Michaela hope you enjoy looking around.
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